All you need to know about planning your dream wedding in Israel with All Places

Getting married is an incredibly significant event in one's life. For couples who dream of tying the knot in Israel, finding the ideal location and planning their special day can seem like a thrilling adventure. Thankfully, with ALL PLACES, a renowned boutique group with over 30 years of expertise in event planning, couples can indulge in personalized wedding planning services that cater to their unique preferences and requirements.

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If you're a young couple who lives outside of Israel but wishes to get married in the country, ALL PLACES is the perfect solution. We offer a range of unique and stunning venues in the Sharon area of Israel, including Herzliya, Tel Aviv, and Ra'anana, all of which are accessible and within a 20-minute drive of Tel Aviv.
The venues include The House in Sharon Bnei Zion, which is perfect for couples who are looking for a country wedding in the heart of nature. This venue features lawns and an open gallery space of 220 meters, making it an ideal location for an outdoor wedding. The Forest in Sharon is another unique venue, which offers a private forest with a grove in the heart of Sharon for events under the sky. For couples who want to include a pool in their wedding, The Pool in Sharon is a great option. This venue is perfect for a wedding that includes a pool, providing a refreshing and picturesque backdrop for the big day. Finally, the Sharon Winery is a visitor center with a swimming pool in the heart of Sharon, offering a unique and romantic location for couples looking for something special.

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When planning a wedding with ALL PLACES, couples can rest assured that they will receive the best helpful staff and suppliers for equipment, food, and beverages, all of whom have years of experience in the industry. The couple will work with an esteemed wedding planner and event producer, Liron Ben Zvi, who has over 13 years of experience in creating beautiful and unique events.

ALL PLACES also provides services to help visitors find other relevant attractions for their stay, such as hotels, day trips, and restaurants. This makes the wedding planning process even more seamless, as couples can focus on enjoying their big day while ALL PLACES takes care of the rest.

When it comes to budgeting and scheduling for the event, finding the right suppliers, photographers, DJ, bands, venue, design, and more, ALL PLACES has got it covered. Our team will work closely with the couple to create a customized wedding plan that meets their unique needs and preferences.

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Overall, ALL PLACES offers a comprehensive and tailored wedding planning service that is perfect for young couples who live outside of Israel but wish to get married in the country. With stunning venues, experienced staff and suppliers, and personalized planning services, ALL PLACES takes the stress out of wedding planning and ensures that every couple has a beautiful and unforgettable wedding day. So, if you're planning to tie the knot in Israel, look no further than ALL PLACES.

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